About Brian

10484044_10204149355035721_385991653150627913_nWho is this scholar/ saint/ rogue/ trickster? (on the off chance you were wonderin’ like!)

The Irish are a funny people, bad at taking themselves seriously, with a  good dose of self-depreciation too, so anything they say can be taken with a grain of salt. And if an Irish person ever sounds too full of themselves, there will always be someone around to “knock them down to size”. With that in mind, I do my best to tell you a bit about me. Begrudgery and knocking down in a stamped address envelope to #tellsomeonewhogivesashite

Brian is a vain self-depreciator with delusions of grandeur. The following facts about him may or may not be true:

  • Brian worked and lived for a decade as a volunteer with the Camphill Communities of Ireland with people with special needs (which was a wonderful and blessed life)
  • Brian now lives in Co. Kildare, the place of his childhood, famous for horses and racing, St. Brigid and Christy Moore (though also quite partial to Luka Bloom, Christy’s terribly talented brother)
  • Brian knows an unhealthy amount of things about strangeness like mythology, old Gods and stories of Ireland in times gone by.
  • Brian is really quite mad (surely that fact is factual!)
  • Brian is quite nomadic (though he never seems to leave the island, he’s lived in most parts of it)
  • Brian sometimes makes ‘pretty pots’
  • Brian thinks way too much (without coming to any productive conclusions)
  • Brian sings, dances, tells stories and generally ‘acts the gobshite’, but only if you ask very nicely.
  • Brian likes to write about himself in the third person
  • Brian is what he is sure.
  • And what he is not, he may yet become…

You can find more about me and about the site stuff on the very first blog post. Visit it and introduce yourself. A conversation takes two don’t you know? – The First Blog Post Thingy!