Ecology & Community

Social Therapy

A few weeks ago a friend asked me what Social Therapy is. She knew, from daily life what it was but was looking for a definition, a soundbite that encapsulates what is a very idealistic and ‘personal’ profession. It is the name given to the work with adults in Camphill communities and in other curative settings. It is often inclusive of people with intellectual disabilities, but not exclusively so. This was my rather idealistic definition:
Social therapy is the guiding of adults to engage with and carry their personal karma, which is to say enabling adults to carry their personal destiny as unique and self-responsible spiritual/human beings while also recognising we all need support and friendship. It it further the creation of a social and interactive environment where that humanity, and those streams of destiny can live, in relationship, between people.
No small task, or idea. But a good one. What is your definition of this work?

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